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About us

Vape it,Taste it,Believe it

Who we are

HYPPE is an all-in-one Vape brand founded and popularized in the USA – with US Headquarters located in Los Angeles. 

Growing globally – the HYPPE team is present in the USA, EU, UK, and Asia. As one of the top 3 ENDS brands in the nation, HYPPE is already available for consumer purchase in the USA in over 30,000 stores and many different online retailers. 


To Be a More Trustworthy Disposable Vape Brand in The World.


Bring Excellent Disposable Vaping Products to Adult Smokers through Scientific and Technological Innovation.


Loyalty, Ingenuity , Accountability , Respect , Commitment.


HYPPE strives for constant innovation and product development to meet the consumers’ needs while providing an alternative means of discontinuing combustible cigarette consumption effectively and pleasantly.  HYPPE prides itself on its proprietary e-liquid flavor combinations – unique to the brand.

What we do

With quality and safety at the forefront of the HYPPE mission, heavy investment has been made for in-house R&D and test-lab capabilities—Most of Hyppe products strictly obey the PMTA standard from FDA and meet the TPD requirement in EU.   

The Hyppe compliance team worked diligently and methodically to make sure that all of our products were notified in conformity with the EU submission system well.
Our customers can now buy from us with confidence, safe in the knowledge that our products are fully notified as required by the TPD. The fully TPD notified range from Hyppe includes the following products and more to come.

TPD compliance approved products

  • Ultra

  • Plus

  • Maxx

  • Q

How we do

Internationally certified testing procedures guarantee the safety and reliability of products.

  • Draw Resistance
  • Temperature
    &Humidity Tes
  • Drop Test
  • Quadratic image
  • Electric Capacity
  • Pressure
  • Salt Spray
  • Vibration

Innovation Design Center

  • ID Design

    ID design team, responsible for industrial design of Hyppe, combines the market demand, product positioning, future trends, and provides the most professional designs.

  • CMF Design

    The CMF design team is an expert in materials and processes, constantly exploring new materials and processes in the design of new products.

Local service by your side

  • Local sales team

    Professional staff to provide direct one-on-one services, covering the whole process of sales.

  • Online/Offline Services

    Hyppe is building up an online、offline service system for all global partners and consumers.

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